In my experience, buying gifts for plumbers is hard. Most plumbers are men and the standard dude gifts of a tie and cufflinks simply don’t apply.

So what are you supposed to buy the plumber in your life for Christmas?

Having a plumber for a father and a staff of plumbers to shop for every year, I’m plenty practiced at this. While it isn’t my normal marketing and business advice, I thought it would be a fun break to share my best gift ideas with you.

(Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links. While they are true recommendations from my heart, I may receive a small commission if you purchase something.)


Plumbers tend to be no-nonsense kinds of guys. They don’t want to stand out. They want functional. They want reliable.

When it comes to gear, my go-to brands are Duluth and Carhartt.

There are a few workday items that every plumber needs. The bad news is that your plumber may already have these items. The good news is that if they are just starting out – or have been in the game long enough to wear some of this gear out – they may be in the market:


Every plumber I know prefers the open-top soft-sided kind of toolbag. Duluth sells one but you can find nice ones on Amazon too. I’m kind of digging this Readywares toolbag that fits over a standard bucket. Plumbers love buckets.

Mud Boots + Rain Jacket

Digging in the mud is a lot more pleasant when you don’t get wet. Yet, every plumber I know is terrible about buying rain gear! Help them out with a good set of wet-weather wear.

Keep in mind their boots either have to be big enough to fit OVER their work boots or they should be steel toe.

When it comes to rain suits, a hi-vis suit is a great idea. They may not always need it, but when they do – it could save their life!


When you are working on a job site, you don’t want to be THAT GUY who has to run to get lunch. Everyone brings their lunch, which is better for their wallets and waistlines anyway. Not to mention that extra liquids never hurt in those hot summer months.

Keep your plumber well-fed and hydrated with a well insulated, large lunch boxI’m particularly fond of this one that doubles as a stool.


Tools can be tricky. Plumbers tend to be a little snobbish about them. I would never buy a hand tool like a screwdriver or vice grip for a plumber, for instance. (Seriously, what is their deal with vice grips?)

If you know your plumber needs or wants a specific tool: Milwaukee, Bosch, DeWalt, Lenox, and Ridgid are high-quality, durable, well-respected in the field.

In my experience, some tools are easy for guys to justify while others are deemed “luxury” items. You know, nice-to-have rather than need-to-have. It’s these tools that plumbers tend to really get excited about getting as gifts.

When in doubt, get them a battery-powered version of something they have a corded version of. Just make sure to order them extra batteries!

Comfort Items

Plumbing is a hard job, that is no secret. If you are like me, you like for gifts to be things people wouldn’t buy for themselves. Well, when you are out digging on a frigid or sweltering day, a few creature comforts can really come in handy.

Boot Socks

Okay, not the most glamorous of gifts. But I don’t know a single plumber who has the sock wardrobe they deserve. Help them pamper their feet with good quality work socks, like these from Duluth.

Skin Care

Again, don’t expect a ‘thank you’ at first. But anyone who works outside should take care of their skin. Don’t worry, they’ll use it.

(They may not admit it though.)

Warm Undershirts

Everyone wants to stay warm on cold days. When you are doing physical labor, this becomes tricky. If you are in-and-out of homes, it’s even harder.

Layering is usually the answer. These undershirts are made of a fast-dri material, perfect for plumbers.

Cooling Undergarments

In the summer, staying cool is a big problem. Employer-provided shirts and uniforms are usually cotton. Undershirts can make a hot day much more tolerable.

Leveling Up Safety Gear

Most safety gear is employee provided (it’s the law.) However, the requirement only extends to the minimum for safety – not comfort. These items are next-level safety and comfort.


I don’t know any plumber who doesn’t have a half-dead cell phone battery. These guys can really kill chargers. 

Industry Related Items

Have a plumber with a good sense of humor? Maybe who wants to wear their plumber pride on their sleeve? These gifts are for you.

Gag Gifts

Yeah, the poop jokes get old. But if you can’t beat’em, join ’em. 

Stocking Stuffers

These silly little gags are fun and (mostly) functional. 


For the Home

I don’t know what plumber wouldn’t be proud to drink coffee out of a toilet mug. Go for it.


Professional Development

Is your plumber interested in going out on their own or has recently started a business? Consider giving them the gift of a better future this Christmas. (Okay, so that is a little heavy-handed.)

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Did you find just the right gift for your plumber this year? Share with me below!